Article Type:  Short Communication

Title:  Common Health Challenges Faced by the Geriatric Population 

Year: 2023; Volume: 3; Issue: 1; Page No: 14 – 16

Author:  Shalini Shribalaji*

Affiliation:  Consultant Geriatrician , Chettinad Super Speciality hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Article Summary:  Submitted:  20-January-2023; Revised:  08-February-2023; Accepted:  20-February-2023; Published:  31-March-2023

Corresponding Author:

Dr. Shalini Shribalaji

No:4, Seventh cross,

Subbiah Nagar,


Pondicherry (UT),


Email ID:

ORCID: 0000-0002-4084-9514


Background:  Geriatrics is the medical care of old age population and the diseases associated with them. Among the global population in 2019 which was around 7 billion, 7 million constitutes the geriatric population who are above 65 years or more. In this article, I have discussed about various health challenges and disorders was faced by Geriatric population. 

Materials and Methods:  This article is a describing study of various health challenges and disorders faced by Geriatric population. 

Results:  I discussed about neurological disorder, bone problems, vision problems, dental problems, disability in this chronic condition and, its co-morbidities, muscle weakness, skin, their mental health problems, and urinary incontinence at their old age.

Conclusion:  Successful ageing, though not on the genetic status, it depends on many determinants such as social interactions of an individual, the level of physical activity they could perform, and finally their attitudes towards the ageing. Geriatricians should recommend and also draft a comprehensive plan for the elderly on leading a healthy lifestyle which should have begun years before their ageing starts.

Key Words: geriatric population, health challenges, diseases, comorbidities

Conflict of Interest: The author not having any kind of conflict of interest in this study. 

Source of funding:  I didn’t receive any kind of financial support from financial institutions or organizations.

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