Sl.No Manuscript No. Title of the study Corresponding Author Name Status
     1. IJMSNR_506_1 Emotions and Experiences of the Covid Care Nurses: A Descriptive Study with Exploratory Approach Prof. Rose K, PIMS Nursing College, Pondicherry, India. Rejected and intimated to the corresponding author
     2. IJMSNR_506_2 Corporate Social Responsibility: A Social Work Approach Dr. Shailesh Brahmbatt, Assistant Professor, Children’s University, Gujarat, India. Sent back to the author for corrections.
     3. IJMSNR_506_3 Determination of Hazard State of Non-Communicable Diseases Using Semi – Markov Model Balasubramaniam R Review was over and sent back to the author
     4. IJMSNR_506_4 Hidden Markov Model of Evaluation of Break-Even Point of HIV Patients Mahalakshmi R Review was over and sent back to the author
     5. IJMSNR_506_5 Approaches, steps and Issues of SEM in agriculture RAKESH KUMAR MEENA

Research Scholar (Agricultural Statistics)

Institute of Agricultural Sciences,

Banaras Hindu University,


   Sent back to author