Article Type:  Editorial

Title:  Extend and expanded role of Nurses

Year: 2022; Volume: 2; Issue: 3; Page No: 3 – 4

Author: Sumathi Senthilvel*

Affiliation:  Associate Editor, International Journal of Medical Sciences and Nursing Research, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Article Summary:  Submitted :  07-July-2022; Revised:  17-August-2022; Accepted:  06-September-2022; Published:  30-September-2022

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Nursing is one of the important vital sciences because of involving in many activities, concepts, and skills.  Nursing addresses the response of health promotion and health maintained of individuals and families, because of this it is a unique profession.  The concept of extended role is to reach out, to enlighten the knowledge and skill.  The nursing role cannot remain static due to charging of trends and issues in society.  So, it is needed to be extended. [1] Community Health Nursing is very important and a major role. [2]

The expanded role denotes functioning is specialty areas with advance knowledge and skill or particularly specialized role in their workplace.

The extended roles of nurses are as follows: [3] 

(a).  Advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) according to (ANA) American Nurse Association.  APRN requires high quality of knowledge of skills in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of health problems.

(b).  Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Nurse Practitioner (NP).  NP act as a primary care provider and prescribe medication, whereas nurse specialist focus on education, research, and counselling.

(c).  Certified registered nurse anaesthetist is an oldest advanced practice role of nurse, who has acquired knowledge in administration of anaesthesia and should carries pre-operative visit, assessment and administer anaesthesia under supervision of physician.  In 1877, sister Mary Bannard at Vincent’s hospital, Pennsylvania become first nurse anaesthetist.

(d).  Nurse midwifes focuses specially on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum periods of women.

(e).  Nurse advocator are the liaison between patient and doctors.

(f).  Nurse researcher provides evidenced based nursing care, whereas nurse educator is responsible for designing, evaluating, updating, implementing new and current education curriculum.

(g).  Forensic nurse is who specially practiced nurse at the intersection of healthcare and law.  As a forensic nurse they have expanded knowledge and skills in handling legal system, sexual assault, domestic violence and so many. 


In the above-mentioned area of nursing role, nurse has become more elaborative and enhanced role in current times.  By expanding nurse’s role help them taking their own, initiative, and making their decisions based on their own experience and education to improve practice for the benefit of patients and clients.


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